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Napoleonic Wars  

This, the most popular and colourful period for any wargamer to play, has been placed on the back burner for a number of years so that we could focus on other periods. However, with the bicentenaries of all the famous victories of Napoleon coming up over then next 10 years, we are mobilising the old 15mm Napoleonic armies with a vengeance - patching up, repainting, touching up, rebasing, not to mention recruiting new armies!

We use the 'Napoleons Battles' ruleset for 15mm as published by Avalon Hill and all our figures are based accordingly. We have played a number of games over the years, but have not really bothered to publish pictures before. However, refighting the battles on or close to their bicentenaries are a different matter and we intend to publish all pictures taken during these battles


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